02 December 2015

.old stories.

What happens when you realize that the story you've been telling yourself for so long isn't true - that you've been telling it all wrong? What if we can only truly find our greatest freedom deep down in the darkness of loss?

I've felt abandoned in many ways but when I step back for the bigger picture - an authentic picture - I can see/know that I had to be abandoned to be able to get here

I would've never found my self - 

my fulfillment - 
my truths sitting there

I chase the light and watch my reflection change, 
that's where I find my self - 
my fulfillment - 
my greatest (most honest) truths. 

It's taken me years to see the immense beauty of my journey and I think I'm only beginning to grasp it. A month from today it will be 2016. A month from today I will be embarking on a new adventure. I ready to tell a new story.

Are you telling old stories that no longer serve you? What will your new story be?

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