30 November 2015

.cultivating calmness.

S L O W Sunday/// I attended a wonderful herb class yesterday called cultivating calmness. The class introduced me to  calming - grounding herbs: milky oats - hawthorn - tulsi - lavender. The herbalist talked about the need for our bodies to slow down during this holiday and winter season. To find out natural rhythm, which is to turn inwards this time of year. Just like the trees are dropping leaves - no longer putting their energy outwards but instead redirecting their energy inwards, down to their roots. I resist winter, always. I am quick to move, curious to try something new, hungry for change - slowing down is something I don't know how to do. I really felt the need to start incorporating these herbs into my daily life - my self-care routine. So today on this beautiful slow sun drenched Sunday afternoon I am taking time to blend calm teas.

Here is a little recipe of the tea I made:

Cultivating Calmness Tea
recipe via Steph Zabel

2      tablespoons milky oat tops
1.5   tablespoons tulsi (holy basil)
1      tablespoon lemon balm
.5    teaspoon lavender

Use one heaping spoonful for every 8-12oz of hot water. Allow to steep for at least 10-15 minutes in order to get all the wonderful properties of the herbs.

Drink this tea daily to help nourish your nervous system, support adrenal fatigue and ground your energy. Take time this season to practice more self-care!! xx

You can find these herbs at most natural foods stores in the bulk herb sections or a great online source is Mountain Rose Herbs.

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