02 September 2015

.trust yourself.

Today I went to the beach. I'm starting to feel anxious about the end of summer - about not being able to ride my bike/take the train or drive a car to the ocean and submerge myself in it's peace - purifying my mind/spirit from everything

I spent the day soaking up the delicious sunrise and diving into the sea, floating with my arms and legs stretched out in an X -
trusting in letting go -
to remember to trust -
to try to trust and be supported -
allowing the salty sea to hold me up.

While I was floating I kept hearing "listen to your heart" 
turn down that volume outside -
listen to your heart/rhythm/desires - 

I hope you're trying to float (let go) in your own way and I hope you find the  love and support when you do. 

31 August 2015

.full moon truths.

Finding my rhythm today.

This full moon revealed somethings I need to let go of - a reality I haven't wanted to acknowledge. Then the summer sun woke me up this morning - blinding me with newness.

Life always gives me what I need - if I open myself to it!!

25 August 2015

.finding unity.

Everything is everything. I'm constantly amazed by my life/journey - fascinated by my mind and how I interpret events - react to moments - try patiently to sit with all the nuances of everything. 

I have been so fulfilled the past few months and also working so hard to find a daily ritual (balance). I  am so grateful for all the tangible signs that the Universe continues to send me and also feel like I might lose my footing in any moment - constantly asking how to take my next step. I have felt so grounded in myself/body/spirit and also open to feel all the sensations of my old wounds (stories)

It's everything in every moment. 

I am working to build more rituals into my day - to grow patience - humility - trust - compassion into every moment. To always sit down with all the layers with gratitude. To not seek the high or hold onto the weakness of the low - to stand in the middle and see the raw beauty and connectedness (unity)

Every high is a reflection of the low - every low illuminates the depth of the high.

Rituals I have started:

-I created a home office/studio space for my jewelry. I spend time in the room everyday.
-When I wake up I take a few moments before getting out of bed to set an intention for the day and then I do a simple morning yoga practice before I do anything.
-Taking time to journal something every morning.
-Making herbal tea blends to hydrate and nourish my body.
-Relaxing for bed I put on my handmade dream balm to help my body decompress from the day and open myself to deep dreams.


What are your rituals?

23 August 2015


Facebook is turning into my Mother, let me explain...it keeps reminding me of memories - events - dates. My Mother loves to keep track of events year after year. Every year when she gets a new calendar she transfers all the birthdays, my first day at college, my first concert (Hanson), a surgery (that happened 20 years ago!), the date a I left for Ecuador...all the small and big things. They are ways to remember our story - events that make us US.

This morning Facebook reminded me that this day two years ago I was on my way to Texas to begin my journey at Midwifery school - via Boise, Idaho to pick up my Sister. It showed this picture.

Almost ran out of gas on the first day of the road trip...guess it's all up from here. Here we come Utah!! 

And it reminded me that as of Friday I've lived in Boston ONE YEAR! It's been years since I've lived somewhere for an entire year. It feels good to be connected to a place.

I was talking with my Sister tonight, talking about travel/plans/dreams it reminded me why I LOVE traveling. I LOVE traveling because when I am traveling I am receiving. I am in new energy - I am exploring - I am present in the moment - I am open to receive love/support/advice/help from others. I will always travel and explore because it reminds me I am alive - it reminds me that this live is so precious - it reminds me that we are all connected. I want to keep traveling but I don't want to keep moving. Maybe I could bring more of that openness/receiving mindset into my everyday life and find that abundance of travel in my everyday.

And then I found a reminder/advice/sign from the all-knowing Mystic Mamma:

“Practice being more receptive in your daily life. Notice how life changes for you when you allow yourself to ask for help from others as well as from the power of the universe…”
“Receiving is an act of love. Whenever you decree you want healing, this is a statement of loving yourself.”
“…Receiving the gift of love brings harmony into your life. In shedding light on a stubborn problem, you are requesting that harmony return to your life.”
“…Love is a state of union. When you can receive love, you can know union.”
~Sandra Ingerman from Medicine for the Earth
YES YES YES to receiving more.

What have your been learning lately??

22 August 2015


That energy/urge/push is back. I've been so inspired this summer but that need to make something hasn't been there. I've been sitting in the inspiration knowing the energy would come but not knowing when or in what form it would show itself. 

I created an office space and started to decorate it with found objects from my summer travels. Then it started to come - the energy/urge/push - the desire to work with clay again. 

The need to bring clay + metal together. The malleable with the rigid.  
To embody the texture of the sea. 
To hold the healing/peace in each ware - a physical mantra.

slow down
breathe abundance
let your secrets dissolve into known truths
renewed in every moment
with the distractions muted
to be present to
silent discoveries

16 August 2015

.sunday night.

I've been traveling for the past month, which has been so wonderful. Summer time in New England makes up for every horrible no good very bad moment of winter. I've missed the studio. I've only had moments in the studio in the past few weeks - squeezing in time to finish up my summer commissions. 

My summer travels have left me so inspired (as they always do) the magical rawness of foggy Maine mornings and afternoon downpours, the hot swampy mornings on the cape and the hidden beaches swimming with seals only feet away, the fascinating subculture of Rhode Island island life and ferry rides to the Boston harbor islands - I feel full from a nutritious meal of nature inspirations but I don't know what to do with it. Like a present that is too beautiful and perfect to open - how do I express this/interpret this...I don't know. It's going to take more time. 

Yesterday I saw something and is sparked a surge of energy - ideas of new shapes - the connection of metal and clay. I was ready to make something new. I spent the evening in the studio playing with these shapes. I am exciting to be creating new things again, to be surged with energy, to be interpreting something - again.  

More to come.

15 August 2015

.do MORE and want LESS.

Sometimes you just wake up and decide you need to go camping. 
So you do. 
You listen-trust-honor yourself. 

I've started to realized how much I want and how much I wait...for someone 
for the right moment - 
for better weather -
for whatever. 

I decided it's time to do MORE and want LESS!!!

There a several islands in the Boston Harbor - a few offer camping. I spent the afternoon on Spectcal Island and then camped on Peddock Island which was an old Miliary Base (note all the brick abandoned buildings.) which was so fascinating to explore around what once was...trying to imagine the lives that lived there during WWII.