13 April 2014

.sunday ride.

I went for a ride today. Slow and casual. I decided just to ride. Go somewhere I hadn't been before - up a hillside that I always thought I couldn't do. Approaching the hill I almost turned around because I was sure that I couldn't do it. I kept my pace slow and steady and before I knew it I had made the first stage and then the second - taking in the beauty surrounding me and this challenge. Shifting down - down - down descending. I did it. And more so I challenged myself to at least try - maybe that is the most beautiful.

How do you challenge yourself? 
I hope you too have moments to feel your strength.

01 April 2014

.Wild Sage.

The sun has seemed a little shy here - not wanting to fully commit - coming out now and again but spring is here. I'm spending my days finding a new and old places to explore and everywhere I go there is this familiar, comforting, invigorating scent of wild big sagebrush (I've been mentioning it a lot lately...). It has been so healing and centering during this seasonal and personal transition that I have decided to offer something new in my etsy shop, sage bundles! I'm really excited to share something so special.

You can use the sage bundle fresh, placed in a bathroom to invigorate your shower or bath, placed in a living space to add it's rich earthy smell, or burnt as a smudge to cleanse an area and embrace this new season (transition).

Find the sage bundles here in the etsy shop.

Happy Spring to you and yours.

31 March 2014

.prairie wheat fields.

I got lost yesterday in the prairie wheat fields - where the same vista is repeated for miles and miles - copy and pasted onto the earth. I rode deep into the fields and down into the canyon only to reemerge feeling totally disillusioned with where I was. I started to ride back towards a tower - the tower - on rocky muddy roads for miles to find that the tower wasn't the tower. The tower was miles north - across an undulating wheat field. Or was that even it?

I find it easy to believe illusions - to second guess myself - to travel in circles before stopping to listen for my voice - before asking for help. I'm out of practice with vulnerability. 

I decided to walk my bike across the wheat fields - over the woven drilled rows - finding the soft rolling hills to be steep - encompassed by the overpowering wind of flat lands - tired and frustrated. There are so many lessons in getting lost. 

I'm grateful to be reminded that the only way to get to the tower (somewhere/something) is to go forward, to do the work.

"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.
Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness"
Dr. Brene Brown

29 March 2014


I went for a hike yesterday - up into the hills to see the contrast of winter colors and the coming of spring growth. The washed out colors next to the newness almost seemed electric in their contrast. The clouds clung to the mountain and in weather unusual to the dry central Washington - a light mist came watering the Big sagebrush giving the air an invigorating earthy smell - a healing aroma of new life - spring

Big sagebrush grows wild (and rampant) in the foothills here. A plant that has given much to the people of this land with its many uses - ceremonially being placed in sweat lodges to alleviate respiratory ailments and/or to cleanse the air with its invigorating scent. It can help soothe the sting of mosquito bites. As well as, a natural dye - making a bright yellow hue. 

As I climbed higher into the mountains I noticed the vibrant fuchsia buds on the Big sagebrush leaves - galls. The Big sagebrush leaf produces this fuzzy fuchsia gall as a reaction to the burrowed larva of an insect - nature is so amazing.

I felt lost in my own land. A reminder of how much newness can be discovered from the known. I hope you go out and discover - today - this weekend - this week - this spring.

27 March 2014


"Imagine how you want to BE and trust yourself to be it.”
 -Cathy Pagano

25 March 2014

.spring ridin.

Spring is here.
The sun is out.
Bianchi Blue and I are hitting the road, everyday.


It feels so good to be back riding. Are you enjoying spring riding? If not, here are some tips from Bike Shop Girl to get you out rollin!!

1.) Get your bike ready
This could be a full service tune up or simply pumping up the tires, lubing the chain and giving it a once over. Either way, get your bike ready for that next warm day!
2.) Get yourself ready
This weekend an action item on my to-do list is to sort out my bike clothing. This includes being ready for some not so perfect days, but knowing where my gloves, shoe covers and possibly rain jacket is. That way I’m not searching for my left glove 15 minutes before my group ride is supposed to leave!
3.) Short trips are better than no trips
If you need motivation, ride to the coffee shop or friends house. Your first rides back on the bike don’t need to be epic, they need to be easy and familiar.
4.) Motivate yourself
Maybe you need a new gadget for your bike, or maybe you need to outline your cycling goals. Either way, put a carrot in front of yourself and bring on the motivation!
5.) Do it
Seriously, just get on your bike. You’ll thank me later.
Happy riding to you!

22 March 2014

.hello spring.

Spring - I've never been so excited to reunite with you. 

“…we are called in this life to attend a changing landscape, both outwardly and inwardly. As emotional beasts, we often blind ourselves running cheetahlike into the thorns that sprout in our way.
“Sometimes this is unavoidable, but part of our dance as human beings is to live in full acceptance of the fact that nothing, not even the earth beneath our feet, is standing still. This acceptance gives rise to a sensibility akin to tai chi in which we can flow, whenever possible, like water around the thorns that sprout near our eyes.
“So the deeper lesson is that adapting to the flow of life is more than reacting to things that just seem to happen. It requires our continual attention and movement with the life around us, the way underwater sea grass sways with the currents. For existence is a constant work in progress, not a still life, and like it or not, we are constant participants connected to everything in view or not.”
~Mark Nepo from The Exquisite Risk: Daring to Live an Authentic Life