19 August 2014

.new wears.

I have been so inspired to make lately. I committed myself to take three jewelry classes a week this summer. It was a demanding immersion that allowed me to return to that creative space I haven't been in for so long. To constantly be designing and creating. Siting in this space I began to look at the things I encountered as elements of designs - examining how they interact with other elements - how the degrees of light transition throughout the day - the beauty in the details.

I spent this past weekend in the studio - the entire weekend. Lost in the process of looking at a sheet of metal, sawing out a design, forging, texturing, firing, and sanding it into a finished piece. I am so excited about what came out of the weekend. I am editing pictures of them today and will share them with you soon. But I am just too excited so here is a little preview of the "versatile simplicity" look book (with my beautiful sister as the model).

18 August 2014

.beauty in alignment

Sometimes the growth pains of life/transitions are so strong and occupying that you seem to get lost in them until you wake up to see that in fact you have began to grow into your new self. You have learned how to be in this newness - this transition is now. 

If you are feeling like things aren't "working out" then you just aren't in the right place.
Open yourself to the Universe and the journey it holds for you.
Because things DO work out.
Life is beautiful, everyday.

I have written before about how my support pillars were shaken in the past few years. This forced me to step back and look at WHAT that meant and WHO that made me and WHERE I belong. I sat in that for awhile and then I took a step. A little step but it was what I needed. That step lead me to the next step - forward. Big changes are coming to my life, quickly. They are coming with such beauty and ease - I am right where I need to be.

So much gratitude for the growth pains and for the beauty in alignment.

11 August 2014

.weekend getaways.

It was my sister's birthday this past weekend so we decided to get out and explore the midwest. We headed north on route 12 to the dairy land of america, Wisconsin. It was miles of beautiful country roads, fresh produce stands, old victorian houses, odd circus museums, glacier lakes, SOO many cheese curds, a Ziggy Marley concert, more corn fields than I could have ever imagined, and bad country radio. It was wonderful.

03 August 2014

.we need to lay in the grass more.

Today I went for a long walk to a Baha'i temple that was surrounded by a beautiful garden. I was thinking about something I read by Tami Kent recently (read below) about how we need to balance our masculine and feminine energy. Not just react (masculine) but to reconnect (feminine) with ourselves - ground ourselves to the earth. So I laid down in the grass for a bit. Just feeling the earth fully support my body. Breathing into the connection and comfort that comes from being present. Awakening to my body's sensations. Taking the time to listen to my intuition. It felt so healing. 
I encourage you to walk barefoot this week.
Lay in the grass.
Touch the earth.

“The secret to designing our lives from the creative center is to reestablish our connection not only to the feminine, but to the feminine-masculine alignment.We must recognize where we forgo the feminine and over-access the masculine mode of doing. We must honestly evaluate where we operate primarily on output and production, noting any tendencies to work until we are depleted, frustrated, exhausted, irritable, or even ill. And we need to recognize where we believe our sense of well-being depends on how much we accomplish or achieve rather than an inner state of harmony.
In the presence of the stress to produce continually, the body tends to restrict, tensing muscles which reduce our energy flow. Fortunately by recognizing the effects of stress on well-being, we can consciously reverse the constriction pattern and instead replenish ourselves by intentionally receiving the feminine as breath, downtime, nourishment, and dream cultivation. Receiving from the feminine first and then taking action with the masculine, we follow a more fluid and long-term sustainable inner flow pattern. Rather than running your engines on high in the ‘strive and drive’ model, using the feminine-masculine flow is like surfing and energy wave; I think of this model as ‘flow and go.’ When feminine energy is moving, a person can receive this energy and let it build until the movement shifts into a more productive phase. Likewise, when the flow is minimal or nonexistent, it is time to halt and simply be or seek restoration…Each of us enters the womb on a tide of powerful and deeply creative feminine energy. Yet because we are rewarded for developing an externalized sense of value based on what we do instead of who we are, this early feminine connection is often forgotten."
~Tami Lynn Kent from her upcoming book Wild Creative

26 July 2014


I spent the morning here - gathering inspiration.
so grateful.

22 July 2014

.read this out loud.

My former Zen teacher recently shared this poem. He said it might make you feel uncomfortable but I found great peace in the movement of its words. Read it out loud to yourself. What comes up? Acknowledge those feelings. Read it again. 

I found great awareness in these words. Awareness of the great preciousness and power of this life. How am I living it?

A Meditation on Death
By Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara

Close your eyes and let your body relax.
Let the body soften, let the breath come by itself.
Nothing to change, nothing to control, just breathing.
Soften the body, moment to moment, allow it to be loose, as if floating.
Allow the edges of your body to soften, to melt.
Allow your whole body, arms and legs and hands, to melt, to be at ease,
To enter that space in your heart, in your breath, that is melting, like an ice cube in water, flowing back into the fluidity of space and light.
Letting go of sensation, of the sense of the body, we float free of its constraints,
Melting, softening, ice to water, dissolving into the flow of light and space,
Becoming quieter, more at ease.
As each holding arises, we let it melt, we let our name and reputation melt, our family melt, our form melt, our holding melt into our heart and breath.
Letting go allows us to melt, to float free, to dissolve into light, into space.
Letting go of the body, releasing the body, floating freely in the light.
Safely, each thought, each emotion, each perception safely floats away, and there is space flowing into space, light into light.
No boundaries, even the breath now, slowly falling away, melting into space.
Now, floating freely as water in water, light in light, space in space,
There is no inside, no outside,
Free, completely, and utterly free, free, space, endless space,
Slowly now observe the breath,
As you realize, although many people are dying now, are letting go, you are staying, it is not yet your time.
This is realization in vast, wondrous space.
Breathe slowly, feeling freshness, peace, and come back.

20 July 2014

.a reminder.

I have been gratefully reminded of how important it is to invest in myself. To recommit to myself.

Sometimes I get so caught up moving forward, reaching out, chasing something that I forget to focus (invest) inwards. I have spent almost everyday this week in the studio making jewelry. I am so grateful to have a studio space. Taking metalsmith classes this summer has reminded me of how much fulfillment, peace and healing that making jewelry gives me.

What feeds your soul? What balances you? What helps you focus inwards??