03 November 2015

.words to live by.

"Usefulness arises when our beliefs, passion and talent find alignment with our generosity, love and desire to serve something greater than our selves. Meditate on that for a moment. When, in your life, have you felt truly useful? Where in your body did you feel it? It's more a cellular knowingness than an intellectual process. This kind of searching takes a great deal of effort — and a enormous amount of awareness. But when we move through the world with our actions and core beliefs aligned, we open ourselves to deep, radiant joy — a joy that's just as beautiful to experience as it is to watch in action in others' lives."

"To work on acting directly out of your beliefs, as motivated by your beliefs, to create action through your beliefs. "

"when I say fuse action to belief in your daily life, I mean down to the deepest minutiae you can possibly imagine. From how you put your socks on in the morning to the texts you write to the water you drink, infuse your life with as much consciousness as you can. Find the joy that arises from that deep alignment. Tune your life to your ideals as though your life was a living instrument. When you turn your life into practice, you turn your vision into reality. "

- moonandquartz

YES YES YES! Reading these words over and over to myself. "When you turn your life into practice, you turn your vision into reality." I love that!

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