02 November 2015


“But growth is not easy. There are growing pains; there is irritation, fear of change, sometimes blame, lots of doubt and always some resistance. 
“It is a tricky time where we will experience all sides of the creative coin. There will be incredible breakthroughs in ideas, perception, intuition, creativity, invention, realizations and personal growth. 
“There will also be times of witnessing, grieving and allowing for the destruction and meltdown of old structures and limited containers as we move beyond our comfort level and expand into new territory.
“The pressure coming from inside is our own higher self, our essence, pushing us to be bigger, to be more, to disengage from the past, to move out of our shell, and to break through the barrier of small and diminished experience into the vast ocean of possibility. 
“The pressure can feel like dissatisfaction, confusion, impatience and irritation. This is our own inner desire and intention for change that is prodding and poking us to get on with it. The path is not yet clear. 
“This month it is enough to work with being ready by allowing what is holding us back to fall apart. The big work will be to allow the fear and anxiety to dissolve and to move into a place of trust."


Can you feel it? I can! The push and pull and expansion of growth. The momentum pushing me forward and I'm trying to slow down - to get one last glance back. But there's no time - no purpose - I am right HERE! 

Time to let go of the smallness of the past. 
Time to embrace this very moment. 
Time to accept myself - new and wise and evolved.

I hope you can feel it. I hope you are letting go of the past. I hope you are looking forward. I hope you are honoring this new growth. I hope you can see the loss as new life. 
H E L L O November.


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