05 November 2015

.trusting my process.

I've been thinking a lot about how much time (energy) I give to judging myself - judging my process. 

I found this picture from the road trip with my sister this summer up the New England coastline. I was so frustrated with myself this summer. I had just made a shift to allow more time/space/energy to make more and yet I didn't want to make. There were days of wondering if I made the right decision - judging myself - forcing myself to make things. I couldn't make anything I liked until finally I just let go. 

I let go to the whole process. 
I listened to my body. 
I went traveling with my sister up the coastline and totally fell in love with New England in the summer. 
I took a ferry to an Island in Rhode Island. 
I camped on Cape Cod. 
I watched the sunset on the beach and the blood moon rise. 
I went to the free city pool with a picnic like the locals. 
I fed myself with new places - new experiences. 

I needed it. 
I needed to feed my soul again. 
I needed to reconnect. 

Now the weather is cooling, I'm finding a rhythm, I have better access to myself and I'm making all because of this summer and trusting the process - my process. 

I hope you are listening to your process and trusting your natural rhythm because it will led to you where you need to go and give you what you'll need when you do get there.



v said...

your posts always feeds my soul.
thank you!

EleanorJune said...

Alicia- I've been following for a while dear one! Love to you.