28 September 2015

.change is in the air.

The eclipse was magical - surreal. The days leading up to last night felt heavy and emotional - blurred around the edges. I had to work last night so I kept taking breaks to run out into the middle of Cambridge street to look at the moon over the brick buildings of Inman Square. It felt like a dream, people at work started sharing in rare authentic ways about lost loves and heartache and dreams. They would find me throughout the night and start unfolding details. I felt like I was observing something from a distance. It wasn't until after work when I rode to a park, a park I'm very connected to. I laid on a hillside and watched the eclipse in the silence and bright golden street lights and then I really felt the weight of the moment. I felt grateful for the moment, I felt anxious for winter, I acknowledge the energies I've been allowing in the past few months, I thought about relationships dynamics in my life, I asked myself real questions. I felt like I was being told/urged to let go - let go of something. I'm not sure of what just yet.

I woke up this morning still feeling my unsettled energies - change is in the air. I don't feel my roots right now. I will, but I need more time to process - explore - feel. I went on a long walk today around Cambridge and got lost the ivy brick walls of Harvard. Life is a beautiful process.

Did you feel it? Are you feeling it? What did the eclipse bring up for you? Are you still processing it? Are you making changes? Did you start to see something new in your reflection??

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