19 July 2015


I started having snake dreams the night before I left for Texas in 2013. While I was there I had one to two snake dreams a month. Then my last night in Texas I had a final snake dream, I wouldn't have another one until this March. It told my Acupuncturist about it at the time and she said snakes represent transformation - rebirth - something must be moving in my life. Things were moving in my life. Then the first night back from my North Carolina I had a really intense snake dream again. I knew change was coming again. It did. These dreams use to scare me, I am afraid of snake but I've grown to cherish them. These dreams always appear in the right moment - guiding me in the right direction - gently encouraging/reassuring/directing me. Then this morning took a walk and saw a snake! A snake on the sidewalk on a main street - no one around - no grass, a city snake! I couldn't believe it. I just watched it until two people passed by. I told them about the snake and they couldn't believe either. Then the guy said "you know they say snakes are a sign of transformation." I know.

Signs are everywhere.

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