17 July 2015

.unveiling truths.

The Unveiling Truths collection was inspired by the long cold isolating winter. The pieces explore the process of accepting ambiguity (impermanence)

I tend to move quickly, reaching outwards to find truth. The isolation of winter forced (paralyzed) me to slow down - allowing space to sit with myself to discover that all truths are within me - known by me - constantly unveiling themselves.

I just have to listen.


This is my latest jewelry collection, Unveiling Truths. Above is a short description of my inspiration for the wares and a few pictures from the look book. The full look book can be seen here, http://www.aliciaeo.com/unveiling-truths# 

I don't know what I would do without my art - the process of something coming through you and releasing itself is so moving, powerful and humbling. This journey has been months long and beyond beautiful. Thank you for allowing me to share it with each and everyone of you. 

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