22 July 2015

.open yourself up.

Yesterday I found myself holding onto something - an idea - a desire - an expectation. Waiting for something to happen - wondering if it would happen - stagnant. When I hold onto something so tight I lose perspective - reality. I give my power to it

When I give my power away (outwards) I lose my connection to self. That disconnect is an open invitation for fear, anxiety, distrust and insecurity to come into my mind and hang out. I decided to step back - loosening my grip just a little - looking at the big picture. When I took my power back I became aware of the movement of the clouds, the red paint of the sunset's reflection on the building behind my house, the shadows pulling and stretching so delicately over the sun burnt hydrangeas...this is life is beautiful - don't loose focus - don't hold on too tight - take it all in. 

Daily reminder: loosen my grip just a little bit. believe. trust. abundant thinking.

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