07 June 2019

.tiny observations from a tiny cottage.

I moved into a tiny cottage yesterday in the foothills of the Cascade mountains. It feels like new beginnings, a little bit of stark freshness of my modern apartment in Portugal, a little bit of the Ecuador in the surrounding of deep lush green, a little bit of the openness and silence of my house on the hill in Malawi and even a little bit of that feeling when I moved back to the PNW after 2 years in Ecuador - I guess it’s all the energy greeting me again. Maybe I’m finding my energy again or maybe it’s just showing me I’m where I need to be right now. These tiny little moments always greet me, new and so familiar.

Do you ever have those moments when it all feels connected?

It’s a wonderful little cottage with lots of big windows and every window has a view of green, nature fully surrounds the house. It makes for the best morning shadows painting the walls with leaves and branches when I wake up and slowly drifting around the room while I drink my morning coffee. Last night the wind came in strong gushes around the house making the trees sway and move about in unchoreographed ecstatic dances. Reminding me why I like to live surrounded by nature, you are constantly reminded of the beautiful of it all, even in the tiniest moments. 

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pencilfox said...

Yup, all connected.

Beautiful images, by the way......