01 January 2019

.happy 2019.

2018 was a year of unexpected journeys that took me from the northeast to the southeast and the northwest - known + unknown places offering new lessons and new layers of awareness. Every time I became tired and confused and frustrated it seemed like the universe whispered "stay open" and and asked "what are curious about?"

As I transition into 2019 the potential is based on the ability of letting go of these boxes I put myself in and allow myself to tune into my voice and listen to who I am becoming.

As for AEO, this past year I spent much more time teaching than making and it felt nourishing to connect with and guide aspiring metalsmiths begin to craft their voice into the language of metal. I also made two brooch series translating places into metal, learning how to capture a moment - tell a story - hold a place.

Thank you for being a part of this unknown + beautiful unfolding. Happiest of 2019 to you and yours!!


Sandra Dunn said...

Happy New Year, Alicia! I enjoyed following your creative journey and your beautiful path into different regions of the US.
Wishing you all the best in this new 2019 territory. - san

mary ds said...

2019 is out of the gate. I am certain this 'clean slate' will bring to its surface goodness, wonder, surprise gifts, struggle, joys, celebration, disappointment, wonder, wonder, and wonders. I'll continue to discover and give effort to the build of my beautiful existence. Here's to silencing the voice inside and learning to see. I look forward to the translations of your wonderful journeys and what you highlight in them.