09 January 2017

. plum island.

I went to Plum Island on New Year's Eve - to walk thru wetlands, listen to the birds and to see the fierce waves - to feel the freedom of the ocean even in 19 degree weather. I walked the beach in silence thinking about intentions for 2017. I thought about how I want to find more time for moments like this one. 

I flew west, again a few days ago and here I am starting anew for 2017.  Wondering what is next for me...a Brazilian friend who has just arrived back in the states after 6 months away said to me, "I went home for some months - adentro - where there isn't much but it was so good to have to jump inside myself. " I loved that, jump inside myself! I don't know how my plans for 2017 will unfold but I hope above all I jump inside myself.

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