13 December 2016

.Full Moon in Gemini.

I've felt really overwhelmed lately by events and decisions happening in this world and the ambiguity of what's to come in my own life. Returning to the studio last week felt like a deep cleansing breath. Art allows me to ask all these questions with my hands and make something beautiful from the unknown. It allows me keep seeking when it all seems too much.

I met a woman this weekend, she asked if my jewelry had stories and I said "this is my journal. Each piece has a truth and story. It's my thing..." she answered "Oh yes, I cook". Tonight is the FULL MOON in Gemini asking us to not just be aware of this hurt (collective + personal) but to start to heal. Healing to me begins with learning how you ask your questions. What's your thing? Where do you find moments of peace? Are you giving time to that for the healing to begin? ✨This is important.

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