24 June 2016

.new relfections.

It amazes me how one moment can change/refresh/illuminate something and slightly change the reflection of everything else. The past few weeks I have felt a lot of movement in my life - a lot of new reflections. I balance my time between reacting and sitting back curiously observing, trying to understand my feelings and my expectations and release them both.

Yesterday the city cut down the huge old linden tree in front of our house to prepare for more construction this summer. They say Boston has two seasons, winter and construction. The intense sun and muggy afternoons are finally back so construction season is here. I left the house in the morning and came back in the evening to find no tree and a home that seemed unknown. The entire street felt different - empty - stark - poor. It's amazing the influence of one thing in an environment. It made me think off all that I surround myself with and absorb - the perspectives and energies.

What do I pick up?
What do I expose myself to?

I'm headed out to the cape this weekend and so excited for a long quite drive by myself and some nourishing beach time. I feel like I process so much on long drives. Growing up on the west coast - long drives are just apart of life. Living in Central Washington you drive to Seattle, everyone does. 3-hour drive up out of the valley and up over the winding mountains and down into Seattle. It always gave me time and space and solitude - climbing up the mountains - thinking. Living on the East Coast for almost 2 years now I really feel how space/environment influences/effects humans and our interactions. The density of the East and the vastness of the West.

It's beautiful how connected me all are to each other - the seasons - the earth - constant movement - the impermanence of it all.

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Sandra Dunn said...

A linden tree (this must be where linden tea comes from!:) I've never seen a linden tree, now this one is gone. :(
May you feel refreshed from the beach and charged from nature. The photo is a beautiful contemplative reflection
on life…..