29 June 2016

.cape cod.

“Follow your intuitive insightfulness! Heed its subtlest intimations, even if you can’t put them into words. 
Direct insights happen without words. It is a mistake to believe that only what is expressible can really be true. The Truth exists beyond all expressions.vThe Mystery all around us is so ungraspable that our limited concepts can only point at it. Now trust your most delicate feelings. They speak to you more clearly than any words.”
~Gayan Silvie Winter and Jo Dose

There's nothing that makes me feel more summer than sunbathing next to a body of water. I grew up going to a lake so going to water IS summer. Last summer, my first summer in New England I went to the Cape with my sister and totally fell in love with the ocean - the dunes - the cape. It's such a powerful feeling just looking out onto the flat horizon before me and the towering dunes behind me. It's a magical place for me that fills me up. 

Do you have a place you go that feels like summer to you? 
Do you have a place that recharges your spirit? 
Where is it?

It was hard to come back to the loud busy city. We came back late Sunday night taking our time exploring the backroads of the small towns of the upper cape, eating as much seafood as we could handle and a little more with salty hair and dry sandy skin. There's such a freedom I find in summer. 

So grateful for the beach - the ocean - the waves - the summer - the inspiration.

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