14 February 2016

.day 41.

As I was coming down from the rooftop this morning after having my coffee I noticed the most beautiful shadow. My rooftop was so clearly projection onto my neighbor's house it was like a painted image. I looked and realized that these white-washed buildings seem more like canvases to me that the sun paints with light and shadows again and again throughout the day - ever-changing art.

With my time quickly winding down here it was in that moment of seeing the building as a canvas that I started to realize how much this time has given me new eyes. This experience isn't what I expected but how could it be I was a different person when I made those expectations.  It has given me just what I need, the eyes and awareness to become the artist I am going to become. Life has such tender moments that always come from the unsure, anxious, rocky and sometimes isolating journeys we travel. 

I was talking to my sister then other night about my anxieties of the trip ending and what am I going to do when I go back...

did I do enough? 
did I see enough? 
did I accomplish everything? 

I started this trip with the mindset to make - do - produce jewelry, build my brand, find a way to get into more boutiques, design a new collection...and this experience has allowed me the opportunity to listen and connect with myself to realize that isn't what I want. This trip has started to reveal my journey as an artist. It has given me artist eyes to see my surrounds in new ways. So excited to be right here with the awareness of where I want to go and with that starting to figure out what I need to learn in order to get there. 

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Sandra Dunn said...

The building as a canvas - that's so beautiful. Your journey is and has been good to you in so many ways. :)