11 November 2015

.n e w moon in scorpio.

“When I am in fear I want more and more,
Love, money, and power than ever before.
But when my eyes open I begin to see,
That I always get just what I need.”

I felt myself wanting more and more today and then I read Kaypacha's words. So many feelings/thoughts/awareness running through my body + mind today on this new moon in scorpio. I am being pushed to look into my shadow and ask challenging questions. I love new moons and all that they purge and the clarity that follows. I hope you are looking inwards - honoring your heart - setting new intentions.

A little more about this new moon:

"A new moon in Scorpio strips us down and demands that we claim what we are at the core."

"Because if we don’t, it is all too easy for the world to hold it against us. Because if we don’t, life has a tendency to talk us out of our dreams. Because if we don’t, we run the risk of never knowing what we came here to become."

"This new moon is here to teach us that if we want to align our power with our purpose we must work with our power consciously. Giving it away won’t work. Hoping someone else will do it for us won’t get it done. We must work with our power and work towards developing all we have been given because nothing leads us to our purpose quicker than using our power in ways that make the most of what we’ve been gifted."

via Chani Nicholas

“This is about healing you. Healing your heart and mind. This Moon can heal your heavy heart. Let go. Surrender. Love you more than the need for something or someone in your life.

“The Scorpio New Moon message is to trust your instincts. The mind can fool you. The eyes and ears can fail you…Use your inner power….Strengthen your intuition. It is like a muscle. Build it up. The more you use it. The stronger your intuition becomes.”

“We in the Northern Hemisphere can follow the example of trees, the infallible and natural gurus of the time.

“…An autumn leaf is busy with purposeful activity. The trees are dismantling the chlorophyll in their leaves, drawing its nutrients back into their centers, storing its energy for new growth in spring…”
“By releasing something, we will draw new energy into our core."

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