23 August 2015


Facebook is turning into my Mother, let me explain...it keeps reminding me of memories - events - dates. My Mother loves to keep track of events year after year. Every year when she gets a new calendar she transfers all the birthdays, my first day at college, my first concert (Hanson), a surgery (that happened 20 years ago!), the date a I left for Ecuador...all the small and big things. They are ways to remember our story - events that make us US.

This morning Facebook reminded me that this day two years ago I was on my way to Texas to begin my journey at Midwifery school - via Boise, Idaho to pick up my Sister. It showed this picture.

Almost ran out of gas on the first day of the road trip...guess it's all up from here. Here we come Utah!! 

And it reminded me that as of Friday I've lived in Boston ONE YEAR! It's been years since I've lived somewhere for an entire year. It feels good to be connected to a place.

I was talking with my Sister tonight, talking about travel/plans/dreams it reminded me why I LOVE traveling. I LOVE traveling because when I am traveling I am receiving. I am in new energy - I am exploring - I am present in the moment - I am open to receive love/support/advice/help from others. I will always travel and explore because it reminds me I am alive - it reminds me that this live is so precious - it reminds me that we are all connected. I want to keep traveling but I don't want to keep moving. Maybe I could bring more of that openness/receiving mindset into my everyday life and find that abundance of travel in my everyday.

And then I found a reminder/advice/sign from the all-knowing Mystic Mamma:

“Practice being more receptive in your daily life. Notice how life changes for you when you allow yourself to ask for help from others as well as from the power of the universe…”
“Receiving is an act of love. Whenever you decree you want healing, this is a statement of loving yourself.”
“…Receiving the gift of love brings harmony into your life. In shedding light on a stubborn problem, you are requesting that harmony return to your life.”
“…Love is a state of union. When you can receive love, you can know union.”
~Sandra Ingerman from Medicine for the Earth
YES YES YES to receiving more.

What have your been learning lately??

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