25 August 2015

.finding unity.

Everything is everything. I'm constantly amazed by my life/journey - fascinated by my mind and how I interpret events - react to moments - try patiently to sit with all the nuances of everything. 

I have been so fulfilled the past few months and also working so hard to find a daily ritual (balance). I  am so grateful for all the tangible signs that the Universe continues to send me and also feel like I might lose my footing in any moment - constantly asking how to take my next step. I have felt so grounded in myself/body/spirit and also open to feel all the sensations of my old wounds (stories)

It's everything in every moment. 

I am working to build more rituals into my day - to grow patience - humility - trust - compassion into every moment. To always sit down with all the layers with gratitude. To not seek the high or hold onto the weakness of the low - to stand in the middle and see the raw beauty and connectedness (unity)

Every high is a reflection of the low - every low illuminates the depth of the high.

Rituals I have started:

-I created a home office/studio space for my jewelry. I spend time in the room everyday.
-When I wake up I take a few moments before getting out of bed to set an intention for the day and then I do a simple morning yoga practice before I do anything.
-Taking time to journal something every morning.
-Making herbal tea blends to hydrate and nourish my body.
-Relaxing for bed I put on my handmade dream balm to help my body decompress from the day and open myself to deep dreams.


What are your rituals?

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