05 June 2015

.full moon in sagittarius.

A beautiful challenging journey just ended for me Tuesday night on the full moon in Sagittarius. Sometimes life can be so confusing and then these delicately poetic moments appear. That was Tuesday night. Surrounded by my family of teens that I have spent the last 9 months with - growing and learning together it was like a beautiful empowering birth that gave all those moments of confusion meaning, I just couldn't see it at the time. 

So grateful for this journey I am on and all the transitions that give me so much energy and love when I let go of them. I tend to associate time with success or longevity with success so experiences like this, 9 months seem like they need more - more time - more purpose - more substance but that's not true. Time has no correlation with value. I don't have the words to express what it was like to sit in a space with these beautiful beings last night and hear them share stories of being inspired by one another. People that outside of this space would have no connection to each other - they all represent such different worlds and yet here right here they all opened up challenged themselves - made themselves vulnerable to experience life in such a big way at 16-17-18 year olds! To dive blindly off that cliff. The determination and passion of humans is such an astounding gift to experience. I have the honor of watching these individuals blindly jump off of a cliff and figure out how to land. I am most grateful for these months/moments and for the calming reassurance that this is my path this is my journey- to find a challenge surrender to it. To build community - challenge norms and live my truth!! 

Happy full moon (a few days late!!) to you! I hope this dreamy moon is highlighting all the beauty in your truths.

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