04 March 2015

.sage hills.

This bitter cold of New England winter has made me ache for the rolling hills and valley of Central Washington, home. It's strange and beautiful that no matter how many places I visit/discover/experience it's always Central Washington that feels like home. It hasn't always been like that. There was an awareness/connect that settled into me from my time in Malawi, so many things were given to me in Malawi. A time to connect with the place I was living. When I returned to Washington after the land felt different - I felt connected to the hills - I needed to spend time on those hillsides. When I was in El Paso I had the same urge - I would go to mountains whenever I could - getting lost on a trail in the Franklin Mountains which gave me air and space but not the clarity. This year has found me out east in Boston and it fits for now. It is giving me so much in it's own way - giving me a lessons that can only come from a city but this long cold winter (it snowed last night!!)  has made me really miss Washington. 

I am an artist and I process my emotions though creating - leading me to my latest collection of jewels, Sage Hills. Each piece of this collection holds an element of that land and those beloved sage hills.
That hot dry sun with a gentle breeze
Looking down on the valley with the river 
flowing through the land
The hollow echoes of open space
With a gentle smell of sage
A stark - simple loneliness
A freedom - no expectations
Open faced and openhearted
Pulsing earth
With stories to be hear
Slow down
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EleanorJune said...

Lovely! SO good to see you here Alicia. I haven't really thought about my artist side and that being a way I process emotions, though reading that here it reminds me how poor I feel when I am NOT creating.

alicia said...

Eleanor! SO good to hear from you. Glad that you connected with my post!