14 December 2014


I had the best weekend. ever. I completed my orientation and testing at a local makers space on Friday!! Which meant that I spent 13 hours between Saturday and today in the jewelry studio space creating! It felt so good. so good to have a full studio with torches and all the tools I could ever want. Both yesterday and today I had to force myself to leave the studio. There is always another projects I want to try. 

Tonight I came home after 6 hours in the studio and realized how much energy I had - it struck me = comparing my energy to how I feel at the end of a work day and my energy after a whole day in the studio is drastically different. I finally admitted to myself - I want to jewelry. I don't want to do jewelry to recharge my energy from the areas in my life that drain me. I want to do jewelry to do it. To do something that feeds my soul so fully.

This has been such an amazing year - in the raw unfinished imperfect way - that has refocused my mind - enlightened my soul - healed my spirit - pronounced my unspoken truths. I am excited for 2015 and all the needed/necessary/exciting changes that are going to happen.

I also updated my etsy shop for the last time this year. Be sure to check out the new wears - lots of beautifully raw tarnished copper pieces and fiber/metal pieces (see some of the pieces pictured above). Thanks for all the love and support, always. If you find something you like for yourself or a loved one - all jewelry purchased by Wednesday, December 17th is guaranteed to make it to you before the 25th. Perfect for easy last minute shopping (I'll even wrap it and mail it to them if they don't live where you live!!).

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