31 March 2014

.prairie wheat fields.

I got lost yesterday in the prairie wheat fields - where the same vista is repeated for miles and miles - copy and pasted onto the earth. I rode deep into the fields and down into the canyon only to reemerge feeling totally disillusioned with where I was. I started to ride back towards a tower - the tower - on rocky muddy roads for miles to find that the tower wasn't the tower. The tower was miles north - across an undulating wheat field. Or was that even it?

I find it easy to believe illusions - to second guess myself - to travel in circles before stopping to listen for my voice - before asking for help. I'm out of practice with vulnerability. 

I decided to walk my bike across the wheat fields - over the woven drilled rows - finding the soft rolling hills to be steep - encompassed by the overpowering wind of flat lands - tired and frustrated. There are so many lessons in getting lost. 

I'm grateful to be reminded that the only way to get to the tower (somewhere/something) is to go forward, to do the work.

"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.
Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness"
Dr. Brene Brown

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