29 March 2014


I went for a hike yesterday - up into the hills to see the contrast of winter colors and the coming of spring growth. The washed out colors next to the newness almost seemed electric in their contrast. The clouds clung to the mountain and in weather unusual to the dry central Washington - a light mist came watering the Big sagebrush giving the air an invigorating earthy smell - a healing aroma of new life - spring

Big sagebrush grows wild (and rampant) in the foothills here. A plant that has given much to the people of this land with its many uses - ceremonially being placed in sweat lodges to alleviate respiratory ailments and/or to cleanse the air with its invigorating scent. It can help soothe the sting of mosquito bites. As well as, a natural dye - making a bright yellow hue. 

As I climbed higher into the mountains I noticed the vibrant fuchsia buds on the Big sagebrush leaves - galls. The Big sagebrush leaf produces this fuzzy fuchsia gall as a reaction to the burrowed larva of an insect - nature is so amazing.

I felt lost in my own land. A reminder of how much newness can be discovered from the known. I hope you go out and discover - today - this weekend - this week - this spring.

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