27 October 2013

.first catch.

She arrived early in the morning hours with her Mom. She was handed over to me when I arrrived at the clinic at 8am. She was a young first time Mom and only 3cm, I was excited to have a slow labor today and take time to get to know her. It seems to be what I need - all my labor sits have been slow and steady. We found her passing the room - overflowing with energy - adorable and bossy in a way that I wish I found more Mama's to be - in that I know what I need because I listen to my body way. Maybe that is the joy of being young and not been exposed yet to all the things that the world says - all the ideas of what you are - what you will feel - the unbearable pain.

She was determined to get into the tub and I was wondering if that would slow things down even more - she was only 3 - just barely active. We left to review her chart and came back in to find her wanting to push. So kindly yet forcefully we had to keep reminding her to breathe through the contractions it wasn't time - discrediting all that her body was telling her.  It seems like we do that a lot with first time Mama's but when you body tells you things you know where it's the first or 5th time. So after she resisting this for a few contractions we call the Staff midwife and she confirmed that she was complete in only 30 minutes.

I was going to catch this baby. 

And with about 7 minutes of pushing a beautiful baby was born. Her body felt so tiny and delicate in my hands. The first hands to greet her into this world.

It felt overwhelming. 

Mama birthed her placenta moments later with almost all the blood and blood clots inside of the membranes. It was one of the calmest and cleanest births I have yet to witness.We dried Mama off while Grandma held the baby and she updated her facebook status to announce that her baby had been born.

birth happens.

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