23 October 2013

.breathing into now.

I am finding a new energy - a new lightness in these fresh days of late october. maybe it's the changing of the seasons that brings new birth - it doesn't even matter. that is actually what is disguising what really matters  - my urge to classify and categorize it all. understanding this moment by contrasting it with the seemingly blissful or melancholic deviation from the past or the ecstatic vibrant potential of  the future neither of which are real. the only thing we will ever have is now - this very moment.
breathe into - authenticity.
feel the sensations of now.

and in words better than my own,

"Carried away…toward a future of sensations foretold, he tried to draw out the voluptuous sap of the present moment, to enjoy those moments that would never come back, fully conscious of that which rendered them fragile. He told himself, as he had frequently done before…that most of the moments that make up our life would be delightful if they were not shadowed by the future or the past, and that usually we are miserable only by virtue of what we remember or what we expect."    
–Marguerite Yourcenar, “The First Evening,” p. 25
so much to be grateful for - so much peace to be found/understood in the impermanence of life. 
love to you right here and now.

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