20 August 2013

Life is fascinating and mighty - vibrant yet intricate and delicate.

Loss (birth) has become a REAL element of my life - a conscious element of my life - something I look at head on - breathe into - let mold me into a more empathetic vulnerable me.

We all experience loss (birth) on a daily basis in many forms - the loss of a loved one to a simple expectation. To all of you (us) I hold that space of love, patience, time and send you a wave of healing because with each loss there is renewal (birth).


I'm moving across the country and I'm moving forward to life that lives in Birth (loss). My world will soon revolve and exist on this entrance and exit. WOW. Who will this make me? What will my baseline thoughts be? How will I interact with the rest of the world? The middle (messy) parts?

As I get ready to go I begin to accept/face the loss of a soon to be former me/rejoice in the birth of the new self.

I hold on. It's beautiful.

Love to all the beautiful people who rise to meet the road, who realize we can't change life but we can change our reactions.

love love love.

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