08 July 2013

.the fourth.

happy late 4th of july. 

i took this holiday to take time to celebrate the freedoms of my life - reacquainting myself with what has been and what really is - asking the hard questions - consciously investing in what is true - evaluating the choices that i am making - the opportunities present - the new voice i am finding inside - the confidence to say what i want/feel/am - the awareness of self that has seemed to bloom inside of me this year - the ever evolving me.

i had such a summer weekend.

full of sunshine - bike rides with my favorite biking buddy - mid-morning cappuccinos - afternoons filled with public pool swimming/picnics - evening dining on patios - all topped off with a twilight criterium (the sound of cowbells are still ringing in my ears).

this weekend reminded me "that freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose" a common theme in my life. i have freedom - nothing left to lose. i'm in the transition of letting go of all that i'm "losing" - the truths that once were might not be true - not in a false sense but in the way that life is moving and the scenery around me is changing. 

big changes are coming my way. i'm at a crossroads to lose it all or find the greatest freedom. which is the same thing, it all on perspective. 

how will i choose to look at it? 

there is so much freedom in today. 
it's mind over matter. 
it's taking things slow. 
it's being present. 

are you finding freedom or loss in your life?

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