23 April 2013

.a walk.

Oh weekends, you are a wonderful time to REJUVENATE! Especially with the sun shinning bright - spring is HERE! I've realized that since returning from Malawi - I NEED time outside - I CRAVE time outside. But with a desk job and a 30 minute lunch the weekends are GO time. This weekend I discovered a new trail.

Isn't is magical to find something new (especially in an old "known" place)?

I spent part of my Saturday there and then return on Sunday just to have a little more time exploring more. Then I received my copy the Rose Bakery (a bakery in Paris) cookbook in the mail!! A beautiful hardback book filled with rustic fonts and endearing, unpretentious photos. I have a desire to make every single recipe SO GOOD! So I started with the Honey Granola (see picture above!) Is anyone familiar with the Rose Bakery?

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