03 March 2013

.late 20s.

It's an odd place to be in your late twenties. In just a short time I will be celebrating the entrance to my 29th year of life. My Nana passed away in the last week of last year. Relationships are changing in my life, friendships have faded, my tribe is disseminating and starting to reform. I got a letter saying that my college professor was retiring. Another space that is disconnecting me from my past - not that it changes my past but that it just shows that life is not the same. Always moving. I find great comfort in the lack of change - maybe because my surroundings are always changing (out of choice) but it is like my safety net when the world doesn't change around me - just me. It gives me the freedom to change. I started a new job and wondering where it will lead me. Wondering at almost 29 how do i want to spend my days? What are you intentions? When everything seems to be changing in your life it makes you rethink your intentions. But the truth is that my passions are still passions they just have a different background. But that can be unsettling and confusing. I feel confused a lot lately. But that confusion will (hopefully) put me in a place that is uncomfortable enough to keep moving - questioning - searching for me and making choices that allow me to live my BEST life.

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