03 March 2013

well woman tea

It differentiates for every woman, the first day of your menstruation. Sometimes cycles can even alternate with the month - this awareness aids us to better understand the process of our fertility and better care for our bodies. This month I'm feeling a little extra sleepy, achy, anxious, and emotional so I made myself a well woman tea and found it to be just what I needed.

.well woman tea.

2 tablespoons Raspberry Leaf  - helps support the female reproductive organs
2 teaspoons    Nettle Leaf - helps regulate the menstrual cycle, great source of iron.
1 teaspoon   Skullcap              - a mild relaxant to ease tension.

This makes a pot of tea. 
Brew for at least 10 mins to get all the benefits of the herbs!

note: I like to add a little bit of honey to mine.

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