12 March 2013


last night i felt so low - as low as i have been high and i realized that all these classifications are merely the ego comparing the current moment (reality) to a distant memory (not reality) so how can i compare the truth with falseness? every moment is whole and complete in itself because it is the only true reality (truth).


the other day i encounter the most beautiful swimming hole it was familiar to me. without any hesitation i dove head first into the familiar water and relished in it's crisp freshness, i swam and i swam until i was tired and then after a short rest i swam again not waiting to lose the feeling of this - so caught up in the comfort i didn't realize that this swimming hole was nothing more than an obstruction in the river that would later cause environmental harms and grow disease - denying the potential of the water source.

sometimes i want to hold onto things so tight that they never change but the lack of movement causes destruction. love is movement. if we love truly we will love all - never stopping - caressing every stone and crevice of the river bed bringing healing - freshness - vitality to all. 

with gratitude for all the teachings the universe provides.

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