14 August 2012

.summer eats.

Is it hot in your corner of the world? I never though I would come back to America to "warm up" from the cold winter of Malawi (more chilly than cold but you know...). It's been straight high 90's to 100. It's a demanding dry heat, but I love it. The only way I know summer time to be.

But with the thick heat what to eat? zucchini crudo (raw) and fried okra? Sounds good to me.

let simmer until the onions are soft and fragrant then add a few tomatoes (not pictured). While this is simmering with the tomatoes put the red pepper in the oven to roast.
let mix simmer and saute until soften. Set aside until meal is read and then serve on top on zucchini (think spaghetti).

and then a good ol' southern appetizer...
the cornmeal mix is mostly cornmeal with a dash of flour, paprika, salt, and pepper.
and finally enjoy!
deschutes brewery anyone??


Caitlyn said...

See, we really do need to start a cookin' blog!

We could call it CHAWBWINO COOKS!

alicia said...

ZONA! I'm SO into this idea.