30 July 2012

.peshastin pinnacles.

apples for days.
yes, we have matching fanny packs. <3

turquoise and sandstone.
not a cloud in the sky.
an old man?
there's my dream home...do you see it? the teepee on the right side? <3

My sister came for a visit this weekend. I haven't seen her in 8 months, but the beautiful thing about my sister is when we are together the time apart always melts away. We jumped right back into the conversation we ended before I left...life, philosophies, and the BIG question: what is next?? We are playing with the idea(s) of building a life of our own. After this weekend our conversations made the possibility seemed possible

I love this time. This transition period when there is a freshness and reacquaintance.

Days are flying by with Nana visits, garden fresh foodie adventures with my Mama (stuffed anaheim peppers?!?!), homesteading practicing, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and losing myself in the mile high pile of library books (libraries seriously? Might be the best thing ever?) but it feels good. 

I think right now it's my purpose to foster my heart, positivity, and regain my flow. 
And with this moment I'm finding a new flexibility within myself.

p.s. photos are from a short hike we took this weekend, peshastin pinnacles. Beautiful, short, and HOT. Highly recommended for all your Washingtonians and 509ers. 

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