26 September 2012

.the flow.

It's me, still alive just not quite sure to what to write. I don't really have any BIG announcements or aha! moments to share, but I'm still on the journey and moments are equal, true, and worthy to tell. 

I've been stateside for about 2 months, which blows my mind. Yesterday, I had a meltdown. Nothing happened I just a moment of being overwhelmed by it all. I felt like I did 3 years ago when I returned from Ecuador, it was as if I have a huge weight riding on my shoulders and I was just sitting down. How do you take this moment - this gravity - this new truth you've found and share it - use it - honor it?   I just tasted the moment for a while and decided that sitting wouldn't do anything more than slowly push me into the ground. 

Yet, never forget that a moment it just a moment never heavier nor lighter than the last or next.

love this color!
Doors that I thought were open have closed since I've arrived, new energies are seeming mundane, and ideas aren't as vibrant as once before...it's daily life. The roller coaster of transition is smoothing out and I am disappointed by the flow. ha ha. Life seems easy and without a challenge so I'm searching seeking and demanding newness in my life. But what newness do I seek? There are so few opportunities that one has all the freedom to just jump, fly, soar into the next thing...where to start? But for now I'm busy. 

It's apple harvest time in Wenatchee and I'm in full swing of my new role as "Bin Checker" my Grandpa is in his 37th (and last) year of harvest. It's 9 hour days of looking at apples - draining but fulfilling to support family and participate (for a small time) in agricultural work. 
goldens. yum.

new fashion new wheels.

The garden is in full force and that means winter preserving is at full force - canning classes and freezing everything!
salsa anyone??

and it's fall time. i love fall.

what are you up to?
what do your days consist of?
much love to you all always.

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