03 July 2012


photo taken by caitlyn bradburn.

No matter how far I go, how high the mountains I climb, or how much I open my heart it seems that when commitment (to a decision) comes a knockin’ on my door I rush to turn off the lights and pretend I’m not home...maybe if I’m quiet long enough it’ll just leave.

Despite experiencing over and over the beautiful power found in saying YES, in saying NO, in standing alone, in standing with, the beautiful power in holding firm to myself and my values.

Commitment is letting go of the control and acknowledging I already have the answers inside.  
It’s time once again to turn down the volume of fear and breathe in peace.

Peace in trusting myself.
Peace in the belief that I am enough.
Peace in every moment is just right.
following in inspiration, I received this beautiful truth today:

"There are no promised moments. This is NOT a dress rehearsal. I feel inspired, motivated and pushed to say, "I love you" to those I love as much as I can. I feel inspired to take risks. I feel pushed to look at my fear and step INTO it, rather then shy away from it. I am feeling time passing more and more and with it, it is whispering to me, "Do what you are afraid of, you won't regret it. Love out loud, you won't forget it. Live in the now, it is your present. The future is bright if you let it... be.""  -the daily love.

much love to you all always.

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