23 April 2012

.a moment.

“Our days are numbered. At this very moment, many thousands are born into the world, some destined to life only a few days or weeks, and then tragically succumbed to illness or other misfortune. Others are destined to push through to the century mark, perhaps even a bit beyond, and savor every taste life has to offer: triumph, despair, joy, hatred, and love. We never know. But whether we live a day or a century, a central question always remains: What is the purpose of life? What makes our lives meaningful? The purpose of our existence is to seek happiness.”

This is probably going to sound odd because it was such an internal experience but I want to share it just the same. I’ve felt a lot of movement inside of myself lately. Changes coming from within, a paradigm is shifting. I feel hungry for something and with such timing a friend let me borrow “The Art of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama. I sat down this morning enjoying a fresh avocado and black tea with a little bit of milk when I came upon this statement. I don’t know why but instantly I felt something move through me and big soft tears started rolling down my face and then it released itself of me and I felt lighter. They weren’t tears of sadness for the brevity of life or even for the trying journey we embark on seeking happiness, but for actually being able to feel the gravity and fragility of life. Being called to live, being given (for some reason) the chance for another day to live, for undeservingly being able to wake up to the sun shining in my room, to share my pathway with so many beautiful spirits whether it’s for a moment or a lifetime - connecting. The moment held such power.

Life is beautiful.

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