07 November 2007

I´m still here...

Hello Loved Ones.
I am sorry for the lack of Ecuadorian updates...I have been so busy cleaning this apartment of mine..haha. No actually the cleaning phase is passing so I guess I am not my grandmother´s daughter (you would have to know my grandma). Life is getting busy and bustling in Balzar.
I just got back from a mini vacation in Cuenca, the cutest city in Ecuador. Honestly. I feel in love. I meet up with the other volunteer for a little Halloween celebration. It was a so good to see familiar faces and speak ENGLISH!!! Then stayed a few days extra with family friends who are living down here.
Here are some pictures of the events:
some vids:
okay. I promise to write soon. until then a little eye candy from Ecua-land.
Much love to you always.

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