12 October 2007

Get an apartment and turn domestic??

Is this how things work? One week in my VERY own pad and I am quickly turning domestic. Actually it has been a long slow process to reach this place starting with not wanting to complete the mom household chore list before she got home at 3. And then with my family in Mexico I learned what an actually clean house was....sweeping and mopping the white tile floor over and over again. And once I mastered the tortilla my Mexican Dad announced that I was officially ready for marriage. Is that all it takes? haha. And after a week in my new digs my favorite pastime is quickly becoming sweeping and mopping with this fantastic lavender all-purpose cleaner. What is happening to me? Am I becoming an unmarried, childless housewife?? Or maybe it´s just Latin America and all those white tiles that give me such an euphoric joy to clean. I will keep you updated.
Continuing in household news I even taught my host family how to make cinnamon rolls which for being cooking in a campo oven (a fake oven that consists of placing a smaller pot on cans inside of a larger pot to make an oven like atmosphere) came out halfway decent. And with the recent purchase of gas for my stove and a fridge I am turning into Martha Stewart (minus the jail sentence) making fresh fruit juices (I live one block from the market) and tuna burgers. If you have never experience tuna burgers you must try it.
¿¿What´s for dinner??
Tuna Burgers from Ecua-land.
2 Cans of Tuna
15 or so Ritz Crackers
I Onion
I Egg
Spices (Pepper, Salt, Oregano, Garlic...whatever you fancy)
Worcestershire Sauce (I could´t find this when I made them but heard it´s really good to put in)
Mix it all up. Make into patties. Eat it up.
Made 5 big patties.
So good.
Hope you are all well.
Much Love to you Always.
p.s. The chicken pox has past and I almost look and feel normal.

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