13 January 2008

I love Sundays!

I always love Sundays no matter where I am in the world. Sunday is a day to start fresh and prepare for the new week to come. Which I always start by sleeping in late, today I woke up to the pounding of rain on my metal roof. We are just entering the "winter" season, which means it rains and with that comes heat, humidity, mosquitoes, and crickets lots and lots of crickets. Good times. Ha ha. With rainy season beginning the source of work in Balzar is planting corn and rice crops, but Sunday means no work so today everyone is ready to relax. Cruising around the streets of Balzar you would find the women shopping at the market getting ready for the week, the men (the majority) still drunk from Saturday night drinking and playing cards at the local bars and the kids riding their bikes around town. No matter who you are or what you are doing you are somewhere out in the streets of Balzar. Sunday is day to see and be seen. I too visited the market to make my weekly buys: 12 bananas 25 cents, 10 plantains 25 cents, 7 tomatoes 25 cents, 5 onions 25 cents, etc. basically you can get whatever you want for 25 cents. So I came home and made some salsa because I was missing Mexico, again. Haha. Planning a little black beans, rice, salsa, and homemade tortillas for dinner, anyone wanna come over?? Open invitation. Haha. I wish I had anyone of you to come and sit at my table.

Recap on Alicia's life…sorry I haven't written lately. I have been frustrated and a little angry. It's hard living in poverty. It's hard dealing with gross aggressive men in my face making inappropriate and violating comments everyday. It's hard adjusting to this wild heat. It's hard being away from familiar faces. But then when you really live life, it's hard. It's frustrating and fulfilling all in the same breath. So we get up and face another day. Sometimes I get surprised by the daily challenges I face I think I came to Ecuador imagining another Mexico. I am sure all know about my not so secret love (almost obsession) with Mexico. My first experience living abroad was in a small village in central Mexico. It was the most magical and vibrant 3 months I have experienced. Full of warm hugs from strangers, new rich spicy foods, vivacious colors, and late night dances. An experience that has framed my life and wedded me to a life of service to the underserved and voiceless, but it was 3 months and although poor not impoverished. And because of that never had to fight the fights I have to here. But I am learning, stretching, and growing through the painful growth spurts that life brings.

Know that you are loved and missed much.
Until Soon.


p.s. For your viewing pleasure: a few pictures of new years on the beach.

A video of the beach.
and a trip to McDonalds.

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