28 May 2018

.where the mountains of north carolina and ecuador meet.

I woke up early, it’s a rainy overcast day here and the mountains have been calling me. I decided to drive to a waterfall hike nearby. Driving east the highway cuts thru the Pisgah National Forest where the fog was so thick there were moments of whiteout: magical and strange I turned my wipers on high then realizing there was nothing that would allow me to see further except to just slow down. It felt like a bigger lesson/reminder for me than just for fog driving.

The trail was so lush and green with tall tree towering over the pathway, almost blocking out the rain the cover was so thick. The air was heavy with humidity. It’s such an odd feeling when you’ve grown up in the Pacific Northwest, rain will almost always means cold. The wet earth and plants had such a familiar musty smell. I looked up to see the overcast light peeking thru the leaves and realized that I could’ve been in Ecuador with very few differences. I kept walking and was overwhelmed by the feeling that for a moment I was transported back to thick green humid forests of the cloud forest of Ecuador where I lived for 2 years while serving in the Peace Corps. I thought about my time there, another life ago. I thought about all the places I’ve lived and thought about all the beautiful, complex, impactful, forgotten, intricate layers we are all comprised of that make us these beautiful evolving pieces of art.

I’m so grateful to be so close to these North Carolina/Ecuador mountains that remind me of where my journeys intersect and overlap. Time seems strange and false in moments like these.

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