09 September 2017


Idaho I'm so grateful for you! It's been a complicated relationship between us for the past several months. You weren't anything like I thought you'd be - you were way more beautiful, more isolating and such an amazing teacher to me. You also gave me the gift of reconnecting to the mountains + sagebrush hills + myself and without that I wouldn't be right here! 

My last few days in Idaho were so refueling! I first stopped at Craters of the Moon National Monument, a magical land of lava rocks amidst sagebrush lands! There I met another solo female traveler, we talked for 45 minutes and realized that  we both had lived in Chicago and Ecuador, we both had worked as Educators for Planned Parenthood and we both were on independent road trips. It felt like I sign I was right where I needed to be!

I spent the rest of the weekend in Victor with a dear friend. We floated down the Teton Creek, I tried to fly fish for the first time (no luck), found a beach with fossil rocks and soaked in hot springs every night under the bright (almost full) moon.

More updates + adventures to come!!

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