03 January 2016


Note to self: traveling post-NYE makes for some rough jet lag!

I woke up right as the plane was landing in Lisbon. It was a bright foggy crisp morning - the weather is around 60 degrees and feels like San Francisco to me - cool humid mornings and warms up in the afternoon. My first impression was the calmness of Lisbon. I went through the passport check and wasn't asked any questions about where I was going - what I was doing - just welcome to Portugal. Then when I went outside to get a taxi there was a line, no one was cutting or pushing it only took minutes to get to a taxi. My taxi driver was an old man, he looked to be about 80 years old listening to classical music he asked me where I was going and checked his worn out map of Lisbon (no google maps for him!) and got me to my airbnb for cheaper than my host has estimated. 

I'm so grateful for such a kind meeting with Portugal. I am so grateful to be here. I am letting go of my fear and embracing the inspiration and energy I already feel in this space. 

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