23 November 2015

.AEO holiday trunk show.

The AEO holiday trunk show was beautiful! I'm realizing more and more my process and with that I am be able to see and feel my growth. I had my first trunk show in this space in July, it was a BIG personal challenge to make enough wares, figure out what I needed to prepare for the event and curate the living room to a temporary AEO gallery. It was exciting but also a project that was so much larger than I expected. The months since July have been huge for me as an artist - a change happened, I don't even know when it happened but something shifted, aligned. This trunk show was also a challenge but the rhythm of the process was easier to find, the curation of the space just happened and my ability to share myself as an artist - in vulnerability - didn't feel so revealing. I don't know how to describe it but I felt in myself. Do you know what I mean? Have you even felt that - when you don't need to reach outwards as much?

The trunk show also revealed that even beyond creating wares, the creation of space - curating an experience - evoking a feeling in others is one of my most favorite forms to share. It makes me feel connect - it allows me to imprint myself onto a moment - to take all my thoughts/feels and make it tangible in a way, if only for a moment.

Art is how I share myself - how I process all the wild unknown of life. I am so grateful to have found my art - to have begun to find my process/rhythm. To begin to realize that all my art is inside me - I hold it - always.

If you haven't checked out the new aeo shop, take a look! Holiday shopping deadline is December 18th! xx

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