11 October 2015

.silent truths.

There are quiet random moments thay remind me I have been stripped of everything - this has been my greatest gift and greatest challengeAnd then I heard myself say:

Dive into yourself and see what you discover. 
Stop saying sorry. 
Be kind to yourself and to other but don't give away yourself. 
Take jumps off of cliffs but also sit alone in the forest. 
Let the sun warm your soul but be brave to truly feel the bitter cold. 
Love freely - openly, don't rely on your selfish heart - find a path to that deep well of love that never judges or runs dry. Find the deepest love and gratitude for yourself and be honored at any love that comes from outside - without expectations. 

Find peace in impermanence. 
Find forgiveness in impermanence. 
Find roots in impermanence.

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