16 August 2015

.sunday night.

I've been traveling for the past month, which has been so wonderful. Summer time in New England makes up for every horrible no good very bad moment of winter. I've missed the studio. I've only had moments in the studio in the past few weeks - squeezing in time to finish up my summer commissions. 

My summer travels have left me so inspired (as they always do) the magical rawness of foggy Maine mornings and afternoon downpours, the hot swampy mornings on the cape and the hidden beaches swimming with seals only feet away, the fascinating subculture of Rhode Island island life and ferry rides to the Boston harbor islands - I feel full from a nutritious meal of nature inspirations but I don't know what to do with it. Like a present that is too beautiful and perfect to open - how do I express this/interpret this...I don't know. It's going to take more time. 

Yesterday I saw something and is sparked a surge of energy - ideas of new shapes - the connection of metal and clay. I was ready to make something new. I spent the evening in the studio playing with these shapes. I am exciting to be creating new things again, to be surged with energy, to be interpreting something - again.  

More to come.

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