27 July 2015

.the process of art.

Sometimes it can take a day, a week or a year to make a piece. Each piece has it's own time, process and personality. Much like people (teachers) that come into our lives. Sometimes it's slow and steady - growing with someone over time, sometimes it's a mere flash - slit second impact, sometimes like magic someone will appear and in that moment it feels like you've always been connected, sometimes you walk with someone so long you can't remember ever walking without them and then you look away for a moment and they're gone - like that pathway never existed, sometimes your path gets windy and even though you walk alone their path keeps bumping into yours and it's always at the right moment...so many teachers we find.

Art has been one of my greatest teachers. Teaching me to be patient, not force (control), not hold expectations only openness to let things move through me and to hold onto only amazement when they do - so beautifully

I've been so inspired by metal forms the past few months - making small wearable structures. I made a pendant about 3 weeks ago but didn't know how to make it into a necklace. It's just been sitting on my bedroom shelves staring at me. Then today I wandered to a fabric store and found it - the missing piece. I saw it and I knew it was the perfect combo. I am going to finish the piece.

So grateful for these lessons in awareness. Just like relationships - don't judge or categorize or compare - see what they are offering and gracious accept it - a gift.  

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