18 May 2014

.the peabody.

The United States is a strange place and The Peabody is a good reminder of that. I went on a Friday to see the changing of the ducks at 11am. I made the mistake of assuming I was going to be one of the few people watching this...only to find that in fact over 100 people and two school groups were packing into the hotel lobby waiting for a sighting of "the ducks". Really? It's an odd tradition. You can read all the duck facts you could ever want here. I don't get it but The Peabody is beautiful and the rooftop has the best view of Memphis (in my opinion).

the pictures
1. rooftop view
2. this is only about half of the crowd
3. house phones
4. i sneaked into the rooftop bar and had to take a selfie with these 80 mirrors
5. beautiful details of the hotel

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