20 May 2014

.second impressions of memphis.

At a closer look with more time wandering the streets of Memphis I find it to be a friendly city with a small town feel. Because EVERYONE greets you - I have had people interrupt their cellphone conversations to say hello to me. It wouldn't be polite to not address you. It's also a place where people feel obligated to share their lives with you. After experiencing the renowned Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken the waitress told us that in the past year of work she has gained 26 pounds and her dog 10 from the leftovers. In Memphis you are going to meet people. Even in the short time I was there I keep running into people again and again.

Memphis is not a very noticeable city but one that is quietly working, head down. It's a city reestablishing it's reputation. It's a city recreating it's economic growth. It's a city battling segregation. It's a city trying to rewrite it's debilitating history. It's a city that grows on you.

It is a city that demands you to get your hands dirty but will repay your with delicious BBQ, Blues, and that old southern charm.

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